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A discussion about the Business Class and the best plane seat comes with a discussion about how airlines present their brands. Most airlines now have an international business class seat for long-haul flights. Typically it will convert to a flat bed but the incline of the “flat” bed will vary by airline. British Airlines, for example, were the first to introduce this seat. When the seat is in the bed position, it is flat and parallel with the floor (like a regular bed). On some airlines, the seat converts to a flat bed that is on an incline (which can be a bit of a “slide” when you are sleeping). The length of the seat in the “bed” position will vary also which will be of concern if you are tall.

Some international airlines only offer this seat on flights which are longer than a pre-determined length. These flights usually involve flying time in the night. For example, if you are flying business class within Asia on flights which may be 4 hours, a different aircraft will be in operation. It will most likely have a comfortable arm chair style seat which reclines well. To check which flight on which airline offers which seat read more here.

The food and drinks menu will provide an extensive choice. The service including staff, crockery, linen and glassware will be closer to restaurant quality. There is service provided throughout the flight so even outside the normal mealtimes, there will snacks and fruit available. This is sometimes found in a bar area at the front or rear of the cabin. You can help yourself to as and when you like.

Each seat will have a personal screen for the entertainment. The choice of movies, television channels, music, radio and games will be greater than in economy.

Usually there is in-seat power for using laptops and other portable devices, like games consoles and tablets. Quickly search for the right Power Voltage Adaptors by country.

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