First Class


First class on international flights bears no resemblance to domestic flights.

French champagne, the very best food, presented extremely well with the best service can be expected in first class. Some airlines have onboard chefs to prepare your meal for you. You will be able to chose when you want to eat as there are no set times for meals.

The seats will convert to beds which are flat and parallel to the floor. On most airlines you will be offered your own set of pajamas. Duvets and sheets are provided for better sleeping also. The bathrooms are bigger and you can mostly determine when you want your meals and any other service. The seats are set up in pods and the newest innovation is the private cubicles with sliding doors. This has been launched on at least 2 major airlines. Each airline has a brand name for these so what they are called will vary depending on the airline.

Some Airlines offer showers in first class (Emirates) and on Etihad they have “The Residence”. “The Residence” is described my Etihad as “a bespoke” service and the only “three room suite in the sky”. Take a look at their website here.

The entertainment on offer has hundreds of choices in newspapers, magazines, movies, tv shows, radio, music and in seat power is available also.

Some airlines will provide limousine service to and from the airport. Some airlines have designated first class lounges at major international airports or separate areas allocated for first class passengers.

A separate telephone number for calling the airline is available and of course you will be answered immediately.

Most companies do not have first class travel as part of the travel policy. You may want to treat yourself to an upgrade with your frequent flyer points just to have the experience!

On domestic flights, again the offer differs depending on the airline. It will always include better food and wine and more choice across all entertainment option.

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