Travel File


It will be useful to keep a “Travel File” with all relevant information on it and give a copy to your assistant (better still get them to put it together!) and your travel agent.

Your travel file should include your passport details, loyalty program details, airline preferred seating (aisle or window, up front or to the rear, away from the bathroom, etc), meal preferences and accommodation preferences. Your travel agent can put your preferences from this file on their travel booking system and ensure that specific items are automatically recorded when reservations are made and that you know when vaccinations are due.
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Travel File
Last Updated: (date)
Home Address:
Work Address:
Email Address:
Phone Numbers: (Home)
Passport Number:
Passport Country of Origin:
Passport Issue Date:
Passport Expiry Date:
Alternative Passport Number:
Alternative Passport Country of Origin:
Alternative Passport Issue Date:
Alternative Passport Expiry Date:
Hot Tip:

Give a copy of your Travel File to someone at home so they can also find you in case of an emergency.

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