Professional business people are expected to undertake business travel as part of their job in increasing numbers and increasingly. The business traveler is on the road at least 70 nights per year (more than one night/ week) both domestically and internationally.

Never before has a resource tool been developed for business travelers. This website is a first and is packed with up to date, essential information for making business travel efficient and enjoyable. I have put together all the experience that 25 years of over 120 nights per year of travel has given me, in one easy to navigate website.

A How To and Hot Tips guide to all aspects of business travel:

  • Getting business travel ready – what infrastructure to set up prior to departing. A travel file to make your assistant’s life easier, a great relationship with a specialist business travel agent, passport, visas, vaccinations, travel insurance, telephone options for international travelers, and much more.
  • Frequent Flyer and Loyalty Programs – what to chose and how to optimize your choice for maximizing your free rewards, upgrades, etc.
  • Luggage – what to pack your stuff in and how – both your suitcase and your laptop bag.
  • Toiletries – what to pack, in what & how to ensure you never forget anything
  • Airports – how to check-in fast & how to get into the best airline lounges.
  • Immigration – how to transit effectively & how to get in the “fast lane”.
  • Airlines – where is the best seat on the plane, what to expect, what the entertainment options on long-haul flights will be and how to get some sleep.
  • Hotels – chose the best option, what to expect & how to optimize your stay.
  • Tipping – what are the rules and the unwritten rules
  • Money matters – cash, credit, traveler’s cheques & ATMs
  • Security – how to keep yourself and your stuff safe
  • Useful websites for airlines, hotels, car rental companies, packing tips & government websites for information and safety.
  • Weekends when you are away – 20 ideas on what to do


There are a number of “quick finders” on the home page. These include:

  • Location finder by city find a good hairdresser, laundry, nail salon, place to get your shoes repaired, book shop
  • Restaurant finder
  • What adaptor for what country – just select the country and a photo comes up
  • Emergency numbers in every country – police, fire, ambulance
  • The time now and time zone differences around the world
  • Official language by country
  • Useful websites for airlines, hotels, car rental companies, packing tips & government websites for information and safety.

The places outlined in the Location Finder and Restaurant Finder with the symbol signifies that I have used these services and know (at the time of using them) that they do a good job and provide a good service.


Please feel free to assist other travelers to find similar locations in the cities you live or travel to by adding your recommendations. These can also be reviewed and rated by all users of the website.

  • Reviews of latest products to support your executive travel with viewers input, reviews and ratings
  • Viewers can interact with the site to add their comments, ask questions and rate their preferences on subjects like their favourite suit case.

Who will find this website useful?

  • There will be useful tips for anyone who travels on business both domestically and internationally.
  • It is specifically written for people who travel extensively – 80 days or more each year and for those who travel to many international destinations each year. This equates to 3 nights every 2 weeks and many people (like myself) travel much more than that on business.
  • Travel agents and assistants to people who travel on business will also find this book contains useful tips (see the location finder for by city hairdressers, nail salons, shoe repairers, ticketing websites for shows, etc) and useful questions to ask those they are supporting in their travel arrangements

I hope you enjoy the site, use it and find it useful. Take the opportunity to assist other business travelers like you to improve their experience by adding your tips, recommendations, reviews and ratings.Let me know your feedback and questions and I will endeavor to find the answers or let you know if I cannot work it out.