Domestic Check-In


Domestic check-in is fairly straight forward. Firstly you need to be aware of the check-in time limits. Different airlines in different countries have different rules. To ensure you have sufficient time allocated, check with your travel agent, the e-ticket notes or the airline website prior. It is very common these days that the airline will have a cut-off time and if you are not checked in by that time you will not be allowed to board the aircraft. As a consequence, you will need to re-schedule a different flight (and pay any subsequent charges for the change).

There is usually a separate line to check in for economy travelers, business class and first class. If your airline has a frequent flyer program, there may also be a line for members. Some airlines have a group check-in aisle (used for company conference check-in sometimes).

This is also where your “status recognition” will come into effect. To learn more about “status Recognition” or “status credit systems”, Click here. Depending on your status (for those airlines that have status recognition), you will be allowed to join the line above the class you are flying. For example, if you have Emerald One World Status, you will be able to join the first class line irrespective of which class you are actually flying in. This will speed up your passage through check-in.

You will need photo identification for domestic check-in and if you have an airline status card, use that so it can be scanned at the check-in counter. However, if you are checking in for a domestic flight in a foreign country, you are usually required to show your passport. The check-in attendant will give you a boarding card. They will also give you luggage tags (receipts) for each piece of luggage. Make sure you have all these items and keep them in a safe place. You will need your boarding card several times so also make sure this is easily accessible.

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