Customs Immigration Process Outbound


The customs immigration process is straight forward and let us start with outbound (when you depart). You will need your passport (with relevant visas), boarding pass and immigration form if it is required to get through immigration.

There will most likely be several lines for passing through immigration so read the signage.

General – there will be a general line for most passengers. In some airports there are two general lines; one for local citizens and permanent residents and another for foreigners (sometimes called “aliens”).

Flight Crew – there will also be a line for flight crew.

Fast Track – there may be a line for passengers with a designated “Fast Track Pass”. These are usually awarded to first and business class passengers in the airports that have these available.

APEC Business Travel Card holders – there will be a line for these card holders.

Other lines – sometimes there are lines for families, diplomats, etc

The customs immigration process includes lines which in some countries, can be very long. Be patient and use the time to check that you have completed all relevant sections of the forms and have answered the questions accurately. The immigration officers work for the government of the country you are departing from. They have no association with the airlines. Make sure you have completed the immigration forms correctly and completely as this will ensure quick passage through this area. It is also the law that the forms be completed accurately.

Remember to check the back of the immigration card. In some countries, there are more details required which are printed on the reverse side of the card.

It is usually against the law to use your mobile/cell phone while you are in this area so be aware of the signage. The immigration officer may ask you some questions and will stamp your passport. He will keep the forms and will return your passport and boarding pass.

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