Global Wifi Access

Global Wifi access is common and available in many locations these days. You will find wifi at most companies that you will visit, hotel foyers, restaurants and cafes. In some countries, even public transport has wifi access. Sometimes there maybe “hotspots” around the city where you can access the internet. In fact, the developing markets seem to be ahead of the major international business hubs for this. For example the Moscow underground train system has wifi access. If you are visiting a company or in a restaurant, just ask for the username and password. Better still, ask the waiter or staff to input the information you require to gain access to the internet. In public places like public transport or “hotspots” it is displayed in advertising inside the train for example.

Sometimes as you access wifi, you will be asked to confirm acceptance to conditions by pressing “I agree” button. Sometimes the site will ask for your telephone number as a measure of security or to sms you a code to enter. Once the code is entered and sent, they can connect your telephone number to the access. This is for security purposes. Remember you are in a foreign country and accessing the internet can have different privacy and access rules.

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