Tips on how to pack your suitcase


Tips for how to pack your suitcase

  • All your toiletries will be pre-packed – Click here for Toiletries so just pick these bags up and put them in your suitcase
  • Shoes should always be put in shoe bags. This will ensure they are well looked after, easier to pack and the dirt on the bottom of your trainers will not transfer to your new suit. You can buy these at luggage stores, sometimes at airports or use plastic bags
  • Fabrics which are most comfort and least crushing are:
    • Suits light wool or microfibre
    • Male Shirts cotton/polyester mix
    • Female Shirts cotton/polyester mix, silk or satin
    • Casual knits in wool, cotton and/or cashmere
    • Wide natural fibre scarf (pashminas are ideal) for flying and keeping warm in cold climates
  • Folding a suit jacket to minimize crushing is a challenge when you pack your suitcase. Lay the jacket on the bed or table front facing you and leave the buttons undone. Fold the sleeves towards the middle as they naturally fall. Then fold the jacket lengthwise towards you (down the centre seam at the back) so the 2 sleeves are folded against each other. If the jacket is longer than your suitcase, fold it in half just below the pockets at the waist. Pack the jacket last on top of your clothes and just prior to closing your suitcase. For extra care, place tissue paper around the jacket each time you make a fold and wrap the entire jacket in tissue prior to packing it in your suitcase.
  • Hang your clothes in the closet at the hotel as soon as you arrive. If you have clothes which are too crushed or you need to wear something immediately which is crushed, place it on a hanger in the bathroom. Shut the door to the bathroom while you have a shower and when you get out of the shower close the door to the bathroom for 5-10 minutes. The steam will de-crease it in no time.
  • Always remember your swimsuit or running/walking gear. You never know when you will want/need them and being in a swimming pool can be a great way to get out in the sunshine, relax, exercise and overcome jetlag. Even laying by the indoor pool can have the same effect. Swimsuit is best as it takes up very little space
  • On International Trips or trips where you are transiting (ie flying to a city via another city) always carry a change of underwear, your swimmers and a shirt that can replace the one your have on if your luggage goes astray. Put these items in a small plastic bag to protect them, and they will not take up much room in your carry on. There is nothing worse after a long distance flight if your luggage does not arrive and you have nothing to change into.
  • Scissors, nail files, aerosol cans and other dangerous items cannot be carried on the plane – they will be confiscated at best or you will be arrested at worst – so make sure they are packed with your toiletries bag in your suitcase
  • All flammable items including cigarette lighters cannot be carried on aircraft anywhere so make sure you do not have these when flying. Check your airline website and airport websites for details
  • Toiletries oval, flat or square (if you can get them) shaped bottles (eg perfume and moisturizers) will be more space efficient than round ones.
  • Toiletries Packing your hair products (except shampoo and conditioner) and paper products (tissues, cotton wool buds and pads, etc) in one bag and your everyday products in the other is a good idea. It will minimize the impact of spillages on paper products. If your toothpaste tube bursts open and spills all over your shampoo bottle, it is much easier to clean up than if your tissues and cotton wool buds are covered in toothpaste!!
  • International travel (especially flights over 5-6 hours) means you need some specific toiletries on board. You will need toothpaste, a toothbrush, your face moisturizer, a body moisturizer and a face cloth is a good idea. Make sure if you carry these items that they meet the airline requirements, usually no more than 100ml for each item and no more than 10 items per passenger. Even if the item is half full, it will be counted as though it were the full 100ml. These items should be in a separate transparent, ziplock bag. Some some airports require these to be taken out of carry on and put through security screening separately.

If you are traveling business or first class, you will be given a small, airline toiletries bag which will have all these items with the exception of your face moisturizer or they will be provided in the bathrooms on board. You can rely on this but there are times when they are not issued and you may prefer to have your favorite brands and at least your face moisturizer will be critical. Also they are another great set of items to have in your carry on in case it is lost in transit.

Hot Tip:

You will accumulate many airline toiletries bags if you chose to accept them and bring them home. You do not have to take them and you can use them on the flight and then leave what you do not use behind. They will, however be a hit with guests in your home, your children or your nieces or nephew. Remember you can always ask the flight attendant for the male version if you are female or vice versa. Click to see Useful Websites

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