Staying Healthy While Flying


Staying healthy while flying means understanding a number of health related issues. They would be taken into account when flying. They include dehydration, blood circulation and muscle relaxation, motion sickness, and cabin pressurization. All these should be discussed with your doctor or specialist travel medical center. To ensure you get the best advice for your circumstances and needs, this is the best approach.

All the airline websites have a section that covers medical and health issues associated with flying. So take a look at a couple of these websites to familiarize yourself with the details for your airline.

Drinks lots of water and avoid too much coffee, tea and alcohol to manage hydration. It is probably a good idea to take a bottle of water with you on the plane. Often the airline will give you a bottle of water especially when the lights are turned off on long haul flights. However it is best to bring one along to ensure you have it. The flight attendants will give you water when you ask but with the number of passengers on board, this may take time especially if it is a peak time.

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